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Give your home a makeover this season with Debenhams Home, your top modern design destination for all things related to bedroom and bathroom home furnishing, as well as soft furnishing home décor for your living room.


Getting a good night’s rest is something that should be regularly prioritized and what better way to help with that than our bedding collection? Find the right pillow and duvet pairing to keep you comfortable all night and wake up well-rested – choose from goose down or anti allergy Micro-Fresh fabric, among others. A couple of extra elements of comfort from our home accessories are pillow and mattress protectors, which help keep both your pillow and mattress spotless and are easy to clean. And don’t forget to add your own touch of style to your bedroom with our colorful bedding sets.


As essential as towels are to every bathroom, they don’t have to be boring. Decorate your space with Debenhams’ premium quality towels, which are available in a variety of sizes for your many needs. Our collection of 100% cotton towels is guaranteed to be gentle on your skin, leaving it soft and refreshed after a good cleansing. So, add a pop of color to your bathroom for a vibrant start to your day. Our towels are also best paired with matching sets of bath mats to keep your floors dry and your feet warm.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings make a great modern home décor addition to your living space. You can spruce up your sofa by draping a throw along its backrest or over one of its arms. Add in a soft blanket for a dose of coziness when it’s chilly and your movie nights are all set. Our collection of soft furnishing home accessories will definitely bring out the interior designer in you.


Complement your pre-existing home furnishing with modern décor pieces from our Debenhams and The Fine Bedding Company lines.

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